Technopark "Skolkovo" held on April 27th, a workshop for participants of the "Industrial Design in the development of Skolkovo resident companies ", dedicated to issues of technology, capacity and economy of industrial design and prototyping as an example of experience design company full-cycle "Smirnov Design."

The meeting was opened by Andrey Sartori, director of R & D services, noting that the role and scope of industrial design have increased considerably. It is important to know in order to determine the optimal strategy for product development, starting with the early stages of research and development. What does it give the participants the question what is the price and where to start - topics for discussion at the seminar.

Aleksandr Loktionov, Executive Director of "Logan Group", presented quantitative data on accelerated increase the capitalization of companies actively using the industrial design in his work (presentation attached).

Sergei Smirnov, the director and founder of "Smirnov Design", presented the concept of a modern system of industrial design, which goes far beyond the traditional view that the design is "coloring couch" (presentation attached).

"The main thing - do not design a product, where the design - one of the competitive advantages, along with manufacturability and market demand", - said Sergey.

Noting but the obvious importance of design to promote a product to market, participants focused attention on the availability of this type of service for start-ups and ways to justify the costs involved in the project.

As a first step, after the Industrial Park on May 10, free consultations for participants with Sergey Smirnov will be organized for determining the applicability and potential of this approach to specific developments.

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