On 28 August 2012 Technopark Skolkovo was visited by an official delegation from the Republic of Korea led by Mr. Bahk, JaeWan, Minister of Strategy and Finance. The delegation also included Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Russia Wi, Sung Lak and representatives of several ministries – Ministry of Education, Science & Technology; Ministry of Knowledge Economy; Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime. The visitors appreciated the work of Skolkovo Innovation Center and the innovative projects of the resident companies of Technopark.

The delegation started the visit with the acquaintance with the work of the residents of the Technopark. During the visit to the company ”Sputnix”, General Director Andrey Potapov show-cased company’s developments in the field of technologies for commercial use of micro-satellites. Thereafter, the delegation proceeded to a startup called ”Geonodal Solutions”, which develops unique technology for the offshore exploration of hydrocarbons in the sphere of upstream oil and gas market. Moving into the negotiations, Dr. Anna Nikina, Head of Development, International Programs, presented Skolkovo Innovation Center, introduced the present and the future of Technopark Skolkovo and discussed some of the practical steps in international cooperation with the Republic of Korea on the level of companies and startups. In conclusion of the presentation, a 3D-model of the future innovation city was demonstrated by a resident company of  Technopark – Vizerra (volumetric visualization of complex development projects).

Mr. Bahk expressed confidence in “Skolkovo” and those technologies that were demonstrated in the Technopark, pointing out that these innovations, in his view, have ”a great future, including a commercial future”.

Commenting on the results of the negotiations, Alexey Beltyukov, Senior Vice President for Development and Commercialization of “Skolkovo”, noted: “Both sides are expecting concrete steps after this meeting, we have appointed responsible from our side, who will develop a further Road Map, and I hope that soon among our partners in the Technopark will appear also Korean companies. The forms of cooperation may vary: it can be an R&D center, a venture fund, which will work here, or subsidiary of a company, which will become a resident of the Technopark”.

An important stage of the international activities is to fill the cooperation agreements with action points that benefit the companies. 

The key is to establish international connections and interaction at the level of companies, using the cooperation agreements that have already been achieved and that are still under way. For example, in April of this year Technopark Skolkovo became a member of the Asian Association of Science Parks (ASPA). From the point of view of the ”Skolkovo” companies, this opens up the possibilities for participation in business events, conferences, visits, which are open only to members of the Association. Also in cooperation with ASPA, a business visit of Asian companies to “Skolkovo” is preliminarily scheduled for next year’s June, which is important from the point of view of the development of international business contacts and integration of “Skolkovo” startups in the international community of innovators and entrepreneurscomments Dr. Anna Nikina, Head of Development, International Programs, Technopark Skolkovo.

For Technopark Skolkovo the visit was a continuation of the development of the international activities with the Republic of Korea. In addition to membership in the Asian Association of science parks formalized in June of this year, Technopark Skolkovo signed a Cooperation Agreement with a Korean Gwangju Technopark, which highlights cooperation in the areas of  information exchange, exchange of public project data bases,  joint participation in thematic events, collaborative support efforts for member-companies and startups.


Contact information:

Dr. Anna Nikina

Head of Development, International Programs

T +7 (495) 967 0148 ext.2491

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