During the visit to Beijing on 13-14th of January there were held series of meetings with representatives of China’s innovation community. The first one was the meeting with Mr. Herbert Chen, Executive Vice President of Tus-Holdings, IASP Asia Pacific Division President. Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. Group was founded in the year 2000 on the basis of Center for Development of Science Park University Tsinghua – TusPark, created in 1994.



The key element of Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. is TusPark Science and Technology Park (Beijing). It is the largest university-based Technology Park in the world. TusPark is located at the University Tsinghua in Zhongguancun area of innovation. TusPark has a total area of 770 000 sqm and more than 600 resident companies. The network of more than 20 science and technology parks across China includes over 1 000 innovative companies and research centers, a cluster of investment financial institutions and service companies. Research centers of companies such as Google, Microsoft, SUN, Schlumberger, P & G and NEC, are situated there.

TusPark provides services to innovation and technology companies via incubators Tus-Star, Tsinghua Pioneer Park and TusPark Venture.

After that there was a meeting with the representatives of Technology Assets Center of Tus-Holdings on bilateral cooperation between the Skolkovo Technopark and TusPark.

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